The Smartbox Closed Handling System offers growers "SMART Options’" in today’s economic environment, as well as safe, flexible and precise application. AMVAC has enhanced the SmartBox system to further improve efficiency and convenience.

SmartBox Systems are now available from CASE IH (fully integrated into the CASE in-cab monitor) and Precision Planting, in addition to AMVAC. SmartBox features new double-helix meters optimized for application of new higher concentration products: AZTEC HC and SmartChoice HC.

AMVAC HC products deliver the same high level of performance with half the number of containers used to apply AZTEC 4.67G or SmartChoice 5G, which makes the SmartBox System an even smarter decision for application of granular products.

Further improvements include high performance at high speed for new generation planters; GPS speed input, button lift switch and no annual activation required.

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