With the replaceable wear plate, maintenance costs of Flo-Rite seed firmers are dramatically less than other seed firmers. Flo-Rite’s exclusive replaceable wear plate saves farmers money over time. With traditional seed firmers, when the firmer contact point wears out, the entire seed firmer needs to be replaced. With Flo-Rite seed firmers, it is only the wear plate.

Optimum seed placement is obtained by using the latest in memory polymers to provide reliable down pressure to assure the best seed placement and proper seeding depth. Flo-Rite’s optimal down pressure maximizes the proper seed to soil contact needed to improve germination success.

Flo-Rite firmers also come standard with a protected stainless steel liquid tube with both an on-seed and Y-band liquid nozzle. This technology solves the problem that some traditional seed firmers have that use a “bracketed” tube on the outside of the seed firmer. This leaves the tube exposed to debris and soil that can rip the tube from the firmer.

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