SYCAMORE, Ill., December 7, 2012 — Accurate down pressure control is critical to ensure proper seed depth through fields with varied soil conditions. The 2013 RFX Hydraulic Planter Down Pressure System responds with an exact measure of force in fluctuating soil conditions allowing for exceptional control over the down pressure of a planter row unit.

The latest RFX model incorporates a larger hydraulic mechanism capable of providing a wider pressure range for consistent depth of seed placement per square meter despite varying soil conditions, residue accumulation and row-unit deflection. The models actuator offers greater internal damping, minimizing high frequency vibration of the planter row unit, which in turn allows the seed meter to operate more uniformly. The intergraded accumulator will save your planter from rogue spikes in line pressure due to individual row-units encountering inevitable in-field obstacles.

The 2013 RFX Hydraulic Planter Down Pressure System features a new flexible mounting system for Deere, Kinze, and CNH planter row units. It remains a plug and play installation on all Deere XP planter row units with existing support components for air down pressure. Additional hose connection points have been added to simplify hose routings on a wide variety of planter installations.

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