December 19, 2012 — Up until now, Amazone is the only fertilizer spreader manufacturer who, in addition to the usual setting chart and the online FertilizerService, also offers its customers a Settings App for Smartphones. In the meantime, more than 10,000 users have already downloaded this FertilizerService App onto their Smartphone.

The App, provided free of charge, is available both for the Apple iOS operating system and for Android phones. Its use is very simple and offers two decisive advantages: on the one hand, the data is continually updated; on the other hand, the end user is able to access the actual settings for the shutter opening and the angle of the spreading blades via the Smartphone from anywhere without having to use the setting chart or a PC.

Initially the end user downloads the App onto his Smartphone which takes only a few minutes. Then the settings for all Amazone fertilizer spreaders are available on the Smartphone at any time and can be synchronised later at regular intervals. For the settings on the fertilizer spreader, the end user then selects via his Smartphone the relevant fertilizer from a continuously updated list, he then enters the application rate, the forward speed and the working width enabling him to read off immediately all the necessary setting values for the spreader. Where an online connection is available, a picture of the relevant fertilizer can also be brought up.

At present the APP is available for the following Smartphones:

  • Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (available in the App Store)
  • Android Smartphones (available from the Google Play Store)