New electric meter drive system replaces chains, hydraulic motors and row clutches.

February 28, 2012 — Precision Planting introduces the vDrive, a new electric drive system for use with 20/20 SeedSense and vSet meters.

“This brings single-row control and much more precise population control to the vSet meter,” according to Product Manager Jason Stoller. “Regardless of curves, ground speed or prescription zone, it drives each vSet meter to plant precisely to the prescribed population.”

According to Stoller, the vDrive replaces existing clutches, hydraulic motors and chains or cable drives. Instead, an electric drive controls each row individually, as needed, for more precise planting. Chain or cable maintenance is eliminated.

SeedSense draws on GPS, radar and gyro inputs to accurately calculate each row’s velocity. The vDrive Module (VDM) in the dust and moisture sealed motor assembly includes an encoder and closed loop control to maintain accurate population for each row in each foot of the field.

“vDrive delivers precise swath control, high-definition population reporting and the ability, with seed corn, to plant male and female plants in the same pass without plugging the disks,” says Stoller. “It helps growers get the most out of every seed they plant.”

The vDrive is designed only for vSet meters and Precision Planting’s SeedSense monitor system. It is initially available for John Deere, Kinze and select models of CNH planters