Sentera's Multispectral Double 4K Sensor offers five precise spectral bands: blue, green, red, red edge and near-infrared (NIR). This sensor enables users to collect visual band imagery as well as vegetation indices based upon the addition of NIR or Red Edge, including normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and normalized difference vegetation red edge (NDRE). The Multispectral 4K is physically smaller but offers more than double the spatial resolution of its primary competitors.

Sentera’s Multispectral Double 4K Sensor helps agronomists, crop consultants and growers identify issues with their crops earlier and with greater precision. The Multispectral Double 4K sensor delivers unparalleled high-megapixel crop health imagery and data.

Sentera paired the Multispectral Double 4K sensor with a plug-and-play gimbal for the DJI Inspire 1 platform that actively stabilizes the sensor during flight — regardless of drone speed, pitch or yaw — producing distortion-free crop health data. Within seconds users can attach the Multispectral Double 4K to a DJI Inspire 1 and other select DJI drones and scout fields immediately, capturing high-value NDVI and NDRE crop health data. No additional tools or cables are required.

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