Topcon Agriculture
W5527 Hwy 106
Fort Atkinson WI, 53538

Phone: 920-563-1400
Number of employees: 500
Number of U.S. & Canadian dealerships: 500+

Key Contacts:
Brian Sorbe, Vice President of Sales & Marketing - North America
Travis Brueske, Aftermarket Sales Manager - North America
Robin Starkenburg, Marketing & Communications Manager - North America
Mike Gomes, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives


Topcon Agriculture is dedicated to developing innovative technology and solutions to help farmers around the world achieve greater profitability through efficiency and productivity. Topcon Agriculture provides solutions for every phase of the farming cycle. It’s product brands include Topcon, Digi-Star and NORAC.   

Over the course of more than 40 years, these brands have implemented a unique vision of providing innovative, easy-to-use technology that improves decision making, efficiency and productivity to solve challenges on farms around the globe. Now as one, Topcon Agriculture provides arguably the most complete portfolio of products and software solutions on the market today.   

Topcon Agriculture strives to develop highly-compatible products that can be retrofitted on nearly every make and model of current machinery.  From water conservation, animal feeding, planting, spraying and harvest products to cloud-based file storage and software enabling analysis and planning, Topcon Agriculture is at the forefront of smart-technology and integration of connected solutions across the entire farming operation.


  • Digi-Star: Leading edge agriculture weighing solutions, including TMR Tracker, Beef Tracker, and Harvest Tracker.
  • NORAC: The most advanced boom height control solutions on the market. The UC5™ and UC7™ systems utilize the patented Hybrid Mode™ technology.
  • Topcon: A full season of solutions bringing efficiency and productivity to virtually every phase of the farming operation with Accuracy, Guidance and Auto Steering, Connectivity/Data, Water Conservation, and Crop Sensing.


  • X35 Console - Industry leading control for any applications, from tillage to harvest.
  • AES-35-Electric Steering Wheel - Compatible with a wide range of equipment including tractors, sprayers, spreaders, swathers and combines, and designed for non-steer-ready vehicles.
  • CropSpec - Reduce fertilizer costs by applying based on crop need on the go, with the largest cab mounted sensor footprint in the industry.
  • NORAC UC7™ - Advanced boom height control system, offering all levels of NORAC boom height control, from basic to advanced.
  • Digi-Star SEED Tracker reduce co-mingling of seed varieties, manage seed used between farms and partnerships.
  • TAP™ (Topcon Agriculture Platform) has been developed as a holistic ecosystem designed to work together or independently either with Topcon Ag equipment or other equipment brands. It also has the ability to integrate with third party services to enhance the capabilities