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Precision agriculture starts with precise placement of seed and fertilizer. And that’s where the Martin-Till Planting System can help your customers optimize their precision farming program in no-till conditions.

Take our new Smart Clean Adjustment Feature, for example. Smart Clean lets you adjust your row cleaners on the go with a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app, while a separate option allows you to manage air bag pressure the same way. With bidirectional control, the system can apply different pressure to both sides of the cylinder to allow for more stable and precise control of the row cleaner. Along with saving you time and trouble, Smart Clean allows you to clear away crop residue without disturbing the soil. So, you’ll never have to worry about creating water-holding trenches that could lead to seedling diseases and lost yields.

Then there’s our Martin-Till Unit-Mounted Fertilizer Openers. When mounted on Martin-Till floating row units, our fertilizer openers move up and down with the row units to place crop nutrients below the soil surface precisely at either 1, 2 or 3 inches from the seed furrow, even in undulating terrain. And, our dual unit-mounted openers go even further by placing fertilizer exactly 3 inches on both sides of the seed. 

Finally, our patented spading closing wheels precisely cover the seed trench without pressing down from the top, which can reduce yields significantly in wetter conditions.

This year, discover how the Martin-Till Planting System can help your customers plant with more precision in even the toughest no-till conditions. 


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