Laforge has developed a universal implement guidance hitch for rear implements as a contribution to making precision farming a reality. The Laforge DynaTrac is a key link between the implement guidance system and the rear implement by adjusting the lateral position of the implement based on the guidance line established by the tractor guidance system.

Laforge leveraged decades of tractor hitch experience and success in the U.S. with a DynaTrac for pulled implements to develop a 3-point version with many benefits. It features a versatile and universal guided hitch, compatible with:

  • 3-point, pulled and semi-mounted implements. There’s no need to purchase a specific implement or modify a standard one
  • All tractors equipped with an active implement guidance module
  • PTO driven implements

A key feature of the DynaTrac is the decoupled motion through free lower link sway which helps avoid side load on implement, no damage to the implement nor the implement getting locked in the ground. It offers better steering response of the tractor and better handling of slope/curve than a rigid version. It is ideal for implement trailing and tractor positioning corrections do not impact trailing. The DynaTrac brings active implement guidance benefits to all rear implements.

The DynaTrac allows customers to harvest the benefits of precision farming at each stage of the crop:

  • Tillage (strip-till, bedder, etc.)
  • Planting (place row precise to guidance line and enjoy uniform row spacing pass to pass, place seed over fertilizer)
  • Interseeding (seed between cover crop rows or seeding into growing crop)
  • Fertilizer placement (precision fertilizer placement in the root zone to maximize nutrient efficiency)

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