MassaSonic PulStar Ultrasonic Sensors are available with distance or level measurement capability from 4 inches to 20 feet for solids/liquids. They provide non-contact monitoring in a durable chemical resistant housing rated for IP68 (wash-down and submersion) and operate in temperatures of -40-158 degrees.

The PulStar Plus models provide full programmability features that allow easy user set-up, adjustment of sampling rates, elimination of false echoes from targets and use in conditions where headspace vapor may exist. PulStar sensors are ideal for ride height monitoring, spray boom control and common distance measurement or collision avoidance applications. For use in level measurement, PulStar is effective with liquids, slurries and variable density solids. FlatPack or PulStar models also work well for irrigation monitoring and gate control depending on the application specifics.

PulStar models are available with 4-20ma, 0-10V and RS485 - Modbus compatible outputs and are powered by 12-24 V. PulStar is also optioned with a 5V powered, 1.8V output TTL ideal for OEM integration and use with low power battery systems.

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