Jointly developed by AgSense, LLC and T-L Irrigation Co., the Precision Link is the latest advancement in web-based irrigation pivot management.

 T-L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically-powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, announces the Precision Link, the latest advancement in web based irrigation management from T-L’s family of pivot management systems.

Developed by AgSense, LLC and T-L, the Precision Link, co upled with the Precision Point III (PPC III) Control Panel from T-L, allows the following full remote pivot control and monitoring capabilities:

  • Manage your pivot from any computer or mobile device and a simple internet connection.
  • Realize labor and fuel savings by simply logging on to the AgSense WagNet website to monitor and control the pivot without having to travel to the field site.

Using the Precision Link with T-L’s PPC III Panel provides remote control management including:

  • Pivot start/stop, direction control, application rate/speed change & water pump control.
  • Precision Point III commands that can be changed from the website including End Gun angles, Auxiliary Application areas and Auto Stop/Reverse functions.
  • Operator monitored functions that include pivot angle, water pressure, speed and direction of travel.
  • VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) control is also facilitated with steps programmed through the WagNet website.

The Precision Link and PPC III, combined with T-L’s hydrostatic design and continuous system movement, assure uniform water application, help improve crop production, and provide effective system management.