CLOVIS, Calif. — Agrian has added a new feature to its field scouting app – a pest trap counting solution. 
The new functionality will allow for more automated and seamless information sharing, empowering field staff, agronomic advisors and growers to monitor activity and look at aggregated data to make decisions on the fly as it relates to pest threats. The upgrade is already available and ready for immediate use to all current Agrian scouting clients. 
“Many pest counts today are still performed via pen and paper,” said Matt Wilson, Product Manager for Scouting, Crop Records & Compliance at Agrian. “Those that are collected electronically are rarely in a shareable format for the customer, or not easily aggregated into enterprise-level reporting that is sorely needed today.” 
Current mobile trap counting solutions are often stand-alone applications, and do not integrate seamlessly with the other agronomic tools being used by the grower or service provider. Agrian’s new capabilities allow retailers and advisors to do all their required trapping activities within a single, unified platform,” Wilson said. “You can schedule, track and monitor the activities of all your trap counting personnel, and then analyze and roll-up reports on that aggregated data. That makes decision-making faster and allows users to quickly see trends across their full operational footprint.”
“This advancement came directly from listening to our customers. They’ve had difficulty knowing in real-time when trap counts and maintenance have occurred, or when it hasn’t. Missed counts and maintenance can have significant financial impact for both the grower and service provider,” Wilson explained. “This is a seamless extension to field scouting for in-field staff and crop advisors, managers and decision-making customers.”

Specific features and benefits of the new update include: 

  • Trap & Scout Together – Record both scouting and trapping data under the same roof. In Agrian, the trapping and scouting features work seamlessly together in a single user interface to streamline the data entry process and minimize training of field personnel.
  • Real-time Syncing and Sharing – Keep customers and business partners informed in a timely manner. Share individual readings and historical reports directly from the field or share access and utilize the real-time syncing to share within the app.
  • Trap Templates – Capture common trap configurations, count and service schedules and alert levels that are synced to the mobile device to allow the mobile user to quickly and accurately deploy traps in the field.
  • Trap Bundles – Create a grouping of trap templates that can be used to streamline data entry in the field for cases when multiple traps are routinely deployed together in the same location (e.g., three traps are always placed together in the same tree).
  • Count/Service Attachments – Provide additional documentation and explanation related to counts and service activities by attaching photos and notes.
  • Enterprise Reporting – Monitor the activities of your trap counters and report on data trends by location or across the enterprise in near real-time from within the Enterprise Dashboards feature.