Here are the most popular items we’ve put up on from the month of June.

Claiming the top spot this month is a guest blog from Todd Janzen on the Deere lawsuit against AGCO and Precision Planing, which is all about planter speed technology. News of the lawsuit also took the number two spot for June. And rounding out the top three was Deere’s announcement of several updates to its grain harvesting solutions for 2019 to its S-Series Combines.

Here’s the entire list:

1. High-Speed Planter Wars

2. Deere Files Lawsuit Claiming AGCO, Precision Planting Infringed on Patents

3. Deere Announces Harvesting Updates, Mobile App

4. 33 Tips for Turning Billable Service Into Recurring Precision Revenue

5. 3 Takeaways from Plugfest 2018

6. Converting ‘Not Now’ Customers into Timely Buyers

7. [Technology Corner] High Speed ISOBUS to Expedite ‘Plug & Play’ Compatibility

8. It’s Not Always Business — Sometimes, It Needs to be Personal

9. Are You Harnessing the Power of a Great Customer Experience to Drive Profitability?

10. Embracing Customer Diversity Delivers Customized Service Solutions

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