800 Royal Oaks Drive, Suite 210
Monrovia, CA 91016

Phone: (888) 372-2890
Number of employees: 650+

Key Contacts:
Director of Business Development – Matt Strein
Director of Sales, Commercial –  Mark Dufau


Since AeroVironment’s beginnings more than 40 years ago, our scientists and engineers have sought innovative solutions to many of our most difficult security, energy and infrastructure management challenges. But as remarkable as our products are, it’s the actionable intelligence we provide our customers that most clearly defines our company.

From the moment we developed our breakthrough unmanned aircraft systems, we understood their primary benefit — giving people the ability to see the situation ahead. With AeroVironment’s sophisticated technology, we have provided life-saving intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance for our troops on the battlefield. AeroVironment has become a U.S. military trusted expert and the largest supplier of small, unmanned aircraft systems to the Pentagon and dozens of allied nations.

Today, we’ve leveraged our experience for the commercial market with QuantixTM and AV DSSTM, a drone and analytics ecosystem built for the farm. With the simple touch of a button, Quantix initiates a fully-automated takeoff, flight and landing, eliminating the learning curve so even first-time flyers can successfully operate the drone. Our cloud-based Decision Support System (AV DSS) performs advanced image processing, analytics, comparative and historical reporting to provide actionable intelligence so you can make smarter, quicker decisions. There is no need to spend time in front of a computer stitching imagery together; AV DSS automatically aggregates data, making it easy to use and understand.


  • Quantix drone & AV DSS 1-year subscription bundle