Next Instruments' CropScan 3300H Logistics Software is a dedicated NIR analyzer that is mounted to a combine harvester in order to measure protein, oil and moisture in grains and oil seeds as they are harvested. The Logistics Software allows the operator to direct the flow and quality of grain to any storage systems in the field or on the farm.

A virtual in field storage screen is created that shows the available field bins, chaser bins, mother bins, bags and trucks in the field. Then a virtual on farm storage screen is created to show all the silos, bunkers and sheds used on farm to store grain. Lastly, an icon can be added for each elevator, receival silo or customer so that a record of every load delivered to these sites can be recorded.

The CropScan 3300H collects data from the field continuously as the grains are harvested. The retrieved data for protein, moisture and oil can be combined with the yield data and GPS coordinates to generate field maps for protein, oil, moisture, yield, nitrogen removal, protein/yield correlation and site specific gross margin.

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