Capable of monitoring both liquid flow and seed flow, the Vanguard System provides more choices and more features than any other monitor on the market. It allows monitoring of up to 192 sensors including seed, flow or a mix of the two.

The VM-5000 series features a 7 inch color touch screen, and programming is fast and easy with prompts to lead the user through setup functions and into the field quickly. The on-board GPS speed option eliminates the need for radar or other speed sensors. Visu-flo liquid flow meter technology adapts to planters as well as other liquid applicators giving precise flow rates for each row. The bar graph screen allows the user to know at a glance how each row is performing, and a malfunction of equipment is easy to spot.

Five models ranging from the non-population VM-5100 to the full function modular VM-5800 system are available.

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