DIS' Sales 360 Web-Based CRM System empowers dealership sales teams to be more effective at engaging leads, creating and distributing quotes and ultimately, closing deals. Accessible from any device, it integrates seamlessly with the parts, sales, service and accounting modules of the DIS Quantum dealership management system, allowing for all the data to be shared freely among them. Using this application, a dealership sales team can:

  • Keep all contacts, leads, prospects and appointments in one place
  • Log customer interactions and schedule follow-up activities
  • Upload photos and documents to customer accounts
  • Create and distribute detailed unit sales quotes on the go
  • Generate and email professional PDF proposals
  • Keep an audit log of every quote change
  • Employ flexible quote design, appearance and item sequence
  • Establish required fields for sales reps to ensure nothing is missed
  • Capture unit trade-in information
  • Utilize automatic data transfers to their POS
  • Ensure protected/private view for each sales rep, with a manager overview -
  • Enable sales managers to monitor their entire team to maintain top performance     

For more information, please visit www.DIS-Corp.com/.