Ag Leader announces a new website featuring responsive web design to provide the best possible viewing experience.

Growers using a smartphone, tablet or laptop will now have an optimized experience when visiting, thanks to the launch of Ag Leader's new responsive website.

"Responsive web design is an approach that businesses are implementing to provide users with the best possible viewing experience, no matter what device they are using," explains Jake Smith, web developer for Ag Leader Technology.

According to the 2012 Media Channel Study sponsored by the Agri Council, 52% of all US farmers and ranchers access digital ag resources weekly; websites and e-newsletters were sited as most common.

"Our goal," Smith continued, "is to provide every grower who visits with improved readability and simplified navigation."

Responsive web designs rely on media queries in order to determine the resolution of the device it is being served on. Images are then scaled to fit on the screen correctly.

Ag Leader President Al Myers said, "When producers are in the field, they can count on the new Ag Leader website to give them access to the information they need right away.

The Ag Leader website will offer a more desirable user experience, regardless of how the website is accessed."