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Stotz Equipment — originally named Arizona Machinery — was founded by Fred Elder and two partners in 1947. Diane, who is Fred’s daughter, and her sons  Tom, Rob and Teddy share the story of how the dealership became Stotz Equipment, including how their father —Ferenc Rozctoczy, a Hungarian immigrant who was a chemist, came to run the business. Ferenc passed away in 2017, but the impact he had on his family and the family business can be heard in how his family remembers him.

All three sons had plans outside the dealership, but were eventually talked in to coming on board by their father, and today all serve in leadership roles at the 25-store John Deere dealership.

“At one point, I said, ‘Dad, I just want you to try and remember what you were trying to do when you were 40 because when you were 40, you weren’t thinking like this’ .. And we always worked it out,” Tom Rosztoczy says of his working relationship with his father as he transitioned into the leadership role and the generational differences between them.

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