Eighty percent of crop yield loss within a field over time can often be attributed to variable moisture availability, both too little and too much. Excess moisture also plays havoc with machinery operations and farm efficiency.

By improving surface topography, optimum surface landforming has shown to provide a range of profit boosting benefits at a relatively low cost per-acre resulting in a high return on investment (ROI).

Optimum surface landforming is the process of reshaping the land surface to a specially optimized 3D surface using earthmoving equipment fitted with high accuracy GPS machine control technology. It achieves the drainage benefits by eliminating all reverse surface grades that form depressions and smooths the surface to promote more uniform infiltration.

After an excessively wet spring in many parts of the U.S., improving drainage and irrigation by optimizing field topography at a relatively low cost may be an option for farm customers in the future.

In this live webinar event, Graeme Cox, Engineering Director for Davco Farming, will discuss the bottom-line benefits of precision optimum surface landforming and how the system can dramatically improve surface drainage and water infiltration farm customers.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why optimum surface landforming designs are often 50-80% lower in earthwork, making it viable to landform millions of fields previously too expensive to laser grade
  • How the process allows other related benefits like removal of in-field ditches and higher machinery efficiencies
  • Specific case studies breaking down costs vs. ROI on a per-acre basis.

Date: Wednesday July 31
Time: 11 am CDT
Speaker: Graeme Cox, Engineering Director for Davco Farming

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Graeme Cox