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New Ace Pump PWM Pump Models

Ace Pump Corporation recently announced the addition of three new pulse width modulated (PWM) pump models using its popular 206 hydraulic motor. The three models are:

  • FMCSC-HYD-206-PWM – HYD Series cast iron pump with 1-1/4” x 1” NPT ports
  • FMCSC-150F-HYD-206-PWM – 150-HYD Series cast iron with 1-1/2” x 1-1/4” NPT and 220 x 200 Flanged ports
  • FMCSC-150FS-HYD-206-PWM - 150-HYD Series 316 stainless steel with 1-1/2” x 1-1/4” NPT and 220 x 200 Flanged ports

Ace now offers the PWM motor option across its full range of hydraulically driven pumps with 13 standard models. These integrated products allow OEM’s and users to implement the same precision control system on towed implements that is used on expensive self-propelled products with the following benefits:     

  • Quick rate changes for constant and variable rate applications
  • A convenient integrated package – no add on valves or additional hoses required
  • Ace optimized valve selection for each pump and motor combination providing excellent control characteristics
  • Eliminates the need for an extra bypass back to tank
  • Only runs as fast as needed
  • Reducing horsepower requirement
  • Reducing heat generated in the system
  • Extending pump life

Please visit or contact your Ace Pump Sales Representative for more information on these new products.


The New NAVIGATOR iVersion

Hardi North America introduced the iVersion Navigator to its market at the 2019 Farm Progress Show held in Decatur, IL August 27 – 29. This is a major step up in technology for the Navigator product in this market including features such as AutoFill, AutoWash and AutoAgitation. Also available as optional features are IntelliTrack (drawbar steering) and AutoNozzleControl. The AutoNozzleControl feature allows growers to automatically turn on and off individual nozzles to minimize skips and overlaps to the smallest amount possible reducing the amount of chemical used and the costs associated with that wasted chemical.

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The COMMANDER is designed to meet the demands of the modern professional farmer world-wide. This generation of sprayers is designed to lead the way in capacity, reliability, safety, optimization, ease of operation and precision. A high-end performer designed for continuous use by demanding operators. An example of the functional design is the logical layout of the left hand side of the sprayer, where all primary operations are located. The low boom height requires a good boom management system. The best system on the market is the DELTA FORCE boom series along with HARDI AutoTerrain. The other advantage is a smaller nozzle VMD (volume median diameter) which increases the coverage.

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Mixmate Chemical Mixing System by Praxidyn

The award-winning Mixmate chemical mixing system has many options from a basic system for bulk chemicals to the Fusion (pictured) which handles jugs, dry products, and bulk chemicals to large mixing plants with many options. All systems feature automated mixing and automated records. Any system can be modified and expanded at any time. Rugged construction for mobile or stationary installations.

Cloud connected for data backup and connections to the office. Take the drudgery out of mixing while putting efficiency back into your sprayer. Customers report their mixing times are cut in half or less with impressive accuracy.

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Tridekon Cropsavers

Do you want a guaranteed way to increase your Net Profit by 10 to 25%? By not running Cropsavers, this is what 2% trampling is costing you. No matter how many acres you spray, Cropsavers will pay for themselves in a few fields.

Cropsavers are known to outlast the competitors and outlive your sprayer. They are built heavy for a reason and can be mounted on virtually any make and model of sprayer. Check out our website for different styles of cones, available options and informational videos.

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