2020 PFDS



Relive the "best of the best" ideas from the Precision Farming Dealer Summit through replays of the 2020 conference general session speaker presentations, made possible with the support of Laforge Systems.

The videos below offer you multi-camera coverage — including the slide presentations — from these inspiring, informational and thought-provoking Precision Farming Dealer Summit sessions.

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The 2020 Precision Farming Dealer Summit Video Replay is brought to you by Laforge Systems.


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Monday, January 6


General Session:
Confidence vs. Caution: How Tech Intelligence Drives Precision Profit

Chad Colby, Owner, Colby Ag Tech

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Roundtable 2-Minute Recaps - Monday
  • Charging for Precision Service: Per Acre, Per Hour or Per Year?
  • Battling Burnout: How to Stabilize Your Precision Team
  • Let’s Talk Autonomy in Ag: When, How & Where
  • Password Protected: Keeping Dealer & Customer Data Safe
  • Reboot or Recycle? Strategies for Selling & Servicing Used Ag Tech
  • 5-Year Reset: One Precision Business Decision I’d Rethink & Why
  • Tech Troubleshooting: Tips, Tricks & Triumphs

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Dealer-to-Dealer Panel:
Top-Down & Bottom-Up: Getting Full Dealership Buy-In to Build a Profitable Precision Business

Tom Rosztoczy, Owner, Stotz Equipment

Kevin Hemmelgarn, Store Manager, Apple Farm Service

Rob Schmidt, COO, TruAcre Technology

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Keynote Presentation
Measuring Precision Progress: From Specialists to Systems Integrators

Jim Henderson, Executive Partner, The Exemplary Group

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Tuesday, January 7


Dealer-to-Dealer Panel:
Adding Agronomic Value to Every Sale: What’s the Secret to Success?

Martin White, Division Sales Mgr., Enns Bros.

Mitchell Hora, Owner, Continuum Ag

Mark Truster, Managing Agronomist, Reynolds Farm Equipment

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Roundtable 2-Minute Recaps - Tuesday Morning
  • Roll In or Line Item? Best Ways to Bill Precision Service 
  • There’s an App for That: Latest Tech Tools to Improve Customer Service
  • Proven Strategies for Selling Precision Online
  • Assessing the Aftermarket Market: Best Bets & Busts for 2020
  • Selling Precision Into Specialty Markets: Opportunities or Obstacles?
  • For Independent Precision Dealers Only
  • First Week, Month & Year: What New Hires Need to Know

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Panel Presentation:
From Onboarding to Advancement: Proven Practices for Building Precision Depth

Scott Meldrum, Integrated Solutions Manager, Van Wall Equipment

Lance Larsen, Precision Ag Coordinator, Agtegra

Jeff Allison, Precision Ag Manager, PrairieLand Partners

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Roundtable 2-Minute Recaps - Tuesday Afternoon
  • Managing Millennials: Mentoring vs. Mandating
  • Keeping Your Precision Employees Productive Year-Round
  • Building My Precision Team’s Brand: Economic, Efficient Methods
  • For Precision Managers Only: Let’s Talk Turnover & Transition
  • Downsizing Big Data: Actionable Insights for Selling Agronomic Services
  • Leveraging Lasting Value from Precision Field Days
  • Dialing Into Dollars with Precision Phone Support

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Panel Presentation:
Precision Marketing Maneuvers to Capture Recurring Revenue

Heather Hetterick, Ag Marketing Strategist, Bowling Green, Ohio

Jon Eis, COO, Eis Implement

Chad Colby, Owner, Colby Ag Tech

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