Veris Technologies introduces Vision for Decisions, a new seeding environment decision support system to help growers improve seedbeds, planter performance, and population scripts. Vision for Decisions utilizes iScan+ soil and implement sensors embedded in tillage tools and planters along with grower input to maximize the seeding environment.  

Growers have seen the yield-robbing effects of cloddy and compacted seedbeds, but the damage has already been done before the planter gets to the field. Now, real-time soil moisture and clay sensors identify problem zones that need varying tillage aggressiveness-and new tillage tools require that soil information to fully utilize their in-cab adjustment capabilities.   

Moisture and temperature data from the final tillage pass can also inform the planter about ideal settings for each field-even whether the soil temperature is right for planting.  

Population scripts using Veris' patented organic matter and CEC sensors provide variable seed management. These scripts are easily completed in Veris cloud-based software FieldFusion and sent to the tractor using API's.  

A personalized precision support specialist comes with every Vision for Decisions system. New in 2020 are moisture/temperature/CEC/OM sensors that easily bolt to field cultivator tines, and new configurations that fit a variety of vertical tillage tools. The SoilViewer tablet displays and records all real-time soil data and implement settings, providing a geo-referenced database to improve future decisions.