Appareo today released a new product in the company’s line of telematically-enabled electronic control units (ECUs). The Gateway 360 is a lightweight edge computing platform for mobile equipment applications that provides a wide range of communication technologies: Iridium SBD, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 433 MHz radios with, GPS, BroadR-Reach, Ethernet, and controller area networking (CAN). The device is built with an IP67-rated enclosure for use outdoors and for mounting on heavy machinery.

The Appareo Gateway 360 couples global wide area connectivity capabilities through both an Iridium satellite connection, LTE connectivity with local area Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 433 MHz radios in a computational platform capable of receiving and processing data from a wide range of vehicle networks and buses.

Off-highway machines are often used in very remote parts of the world. The cellular capabilities of the Gateway 360 are certified in dozens of countries; however, cellular coverage is limited in some geographies. Appareo’s use of the Iridium SBD transceiver allows for global machine coverage. The presence of Iridium on the device ensures that critical machine data can be retrieved, and wherever that equipment may be (land, air, or water) the Gateway 360 will keep Appareo customers and their machines connected.

The local area network connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 433 MHz) allow machines to communicate directly with each other and with the operators or passengers. This allows people near the machine in its job site or field to be connected, informed, or in control, using real-time data with zero latency and no network costs. Further, groups of machines can communicate with machines and attachments to improve operator experience and efficiency.

For example, using 433 MHz or Bluetooth, the Gateway 360 can communicate with active RFID products, like the AT-40 asset tracker, tire pressure sensors, and other wireless machine sensors. This capability allows for machines to receive information from hydraulic and mechanical attachments, and despite the lack of electrical power on those attachments, use information from the active RFID tag to recognize the attachment, and automatically adjust machine control settings accordingly. 

From remote diagnostics (securely accessing devices with available VPN remote access to troubleshoot equipment in real time) to inexpensively deploying firmware updates over the air through differential software updating tools, Appareo Gateways offer a wide spectrum of capabilities that go beyond traditional telematic data usage for preventive maintenance and remote support. 

Appareo Gateway Series

Appareo and Iridium Communications Inc. originally partnered in 2016 to release technology to equip motorized farm vehicles with terrestrial and satellite communication capabilities, enabled by the global Iridium satellite network — the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe. Appareo was one of the first companies chosen to integrate the Iridium 9603 chipset, the smallest commercial two-way satellite transceiver. 

AGCO Corporation integrated Appareo’s 300 Series Gateways for its telematic solutions, specifically to expand wireless telemetry solutions for remote precision agriculture and machine monitoring.