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Copperhead Ag Products

Copperhead Ag Products prides themselves in offering profitable solutions to challenges facing the modern day farmer. Our field experienced engineers have developed several profit producing products for your operation. Planter operators can benefit from the use of our Furrow Cruiser(r) and Cruiser Xtreme spiked closing wheels, which eliminate sidewall compaction and promote even emergence of planted seeds. Gains of 4% yield per acre were seen on average last season. We also designed the Drill Cruiser and SFP Cruiser closing wheel for drill and air seeders. These products were developed over the last 4 years and have met with quick acceptance of those that drill beans and small grains.

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Strip Till for You is a farmer-owned business where we use what we sell. We have been working with Dawn Equipment and Montag Mfg since 2008 and have since expanded to include Yetter Mfg., Niffty Ag and Twin Diamond Industries for strip-till units along with Harvest International, Moore-built and B&D Metal works for pull-type and 3-point toolbars. Whether we build a turnkey machine or direct ship items from factory to your farm, we are your one stop shop for the right machine for your needs. New and used items on hand.

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1tRIPr from Orthman

Designed, engineered and built to last for years of production, the 1-tRIPr provides a clean, level, seed-ready seedbed in a variety of field conditions, including wheat stubble, cover crop, or standing corn stalks. With unprecedented flexibility to customize seedbed preparation, the 1-tRIPr is available in 4 to 16 row configurations with 22” to 40” spacing using Orthman’s time-tested rigid and folding toolbars and fertilizer carrying systems. To maximize one-pass productivity, the 1-tRIPr can be utilized alone or in unison with one of the many planter attachment and fertilizer carrying options Orthman has to offer.

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Vulcan Equipment ZoneMaster

The ZoneMaster is a strip-till tool designed to create optimal spring strips or to dress up fall-applied strips. The ZoneMaster clears residue, lightly conditions the soil, speeds up warm-up and dry-down for faster and more even germination. Using “vertical tillage,” it creates an optimal planting atmosphere. ZoneMaster can also be used to apply starter fertilizer or liquid fertilizer in the root zone. ZoneMaster provides the best in quality and value to serve the purpose of creating a better yield via pre-planting preparation and soil condition optimization. The ZoneMaster is field-tested and proven.

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SoilWarrior 4500 series

The SoilWarrior 4500 series features toolbars from 20 to 45 feet in popular row spacings that include 20-, 22-, 30-inch and more. Multiple options allow you to customize the machine for your ground. Fully precision-enabled, the SoilWarrior system allows variable rate application of up to five products at once in various combinations of dry, liquid and NH3. The steerable cart option allows you to take full advantage of active implement guidance and to eliminate pass to pass variances in row widths — a valuable feature when working sloped or curved ground or when planter width varies from other tools. Our patented system technology includes either the X or N row unit to till and incorporate fertilizer throughout the entire zone. Row cleaners and rolling baskets are options that help prepare a seedbed, not just a strip.

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Yetter 2984 Strip Freshener

2984 Strip Fresheners from Yetter Farm Equipment create a 10” wide strip in the spring or the fall. The three-blade design with a rolling basket makes new strips or revives existing strips to create a consistent planting zone. Strip Fresheners operate at 6-10mph and have a depth adjustment range of 1 ½”-4”. The new Strip Freshener Cab Control (CC) enables quick adjustments to row cleaners, rolling baskets, and row-unit down pressure-all form the tractor seat. An optional fertilizer kit for liquid or dry applications is also available.

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