With more than 350 systems now installed around the world, this Australian developed and manufactured technology is now available to Australian and New Zealand farmers directly through the CNH Industrial dealer network.

Next Instruments has been manufacturing the CropScan range of NIR analysers for 20 years. The CropScan 3000H was introduced in 2013. Under a Supply Agreement with CHNi in 2016, an OEM version called the Model 3000H has been installed on new and existing CASE IH and New Holland combines across Australia and New Zealand.

In May 2020, Next Instruments signed a new Supply Agreement with CNH Industrial whereby CASE IH and New Holland dealers in Australia and New Zealand can supply the CropScan 3300H to their customers with direct shipment from the Next Instruments’ factory in Sydney. CNHi dealers will be able to access Next Instruments’ sales, technical and service support team directly. This move will ensure faster and better support for dealers and their customers.

The new CropScan 3300H is similar to the previous Model 3000H; however, there are several added features.

1) New sample head: Increases the flow rate of grain and reduces the scan time to 5-10 seconds per measurement.

2) A free CropScanAg cloud account: Captures and stores the protein, moisture, oil, yield and GPS data from the CropScan 3300H and the combines yield monitor and GPS transponder and posts it to the cloud whenever the CropScan 3300H is within internet connection range.

3) Free CropScanAg cloud portal: Provides access to the CropScanAg cloud to download the farm field data to any tablet or PC.

4) New touchscreen tablet PC: Less weight, less heat and faster interface for the combine operator.

5) Agrimatics Libra cart weigh scale and Digi Star cart weight system communications so that the chaser bin weights can be collected in the field thus providing more accurate grain tonnage data.