AGCO Corporation debuts the FendtONE operator’s interface to North American growers with the introduction of the Fendt 700 Gen6 Series premium high-horsepower tractors. The FendtONE interface is a complete redesign of the operator station, providing a streamlined and highly efficient work environment.

The FendtONE operator station features up to 3 large, easy-to-read display screens. Drivers can each customize the tractor’s operation to their own preferences. There are now more customizable control buttons, which are conveniently located on the ergonomically engineered right-hand armrest and multifunction joystick. The interface also offers intuitive operation, like a smartphone or tablet.

New features expand the uses for popular tractors

Fendt 700 Series tractors were first introduced to North American producers in 1998. Since then, the tractors have been popular among livestock producers for their versatility, comfort and easy operation. They’re ideal for loader work, haymaking, hauling and towing. The newly introduced Fendt 700 Gen6 Series tractors, now adjustable to both narrow and wide row spacings and available with a variety of row crop tire options, will fit well in row crop operations. The addition of live, third-function loader capability makes them even more useful around the entire farming operation.

This series of highly adaptable, powerful and productive tractors is available in six models with engine horsepower ranging from 144 to 237 (110 to 195 PTO horsepower).

The Fendt 700 Gen6 Series also is available with the Fendt 5X Series Cargo Loader that provides live, third-function loader operation to make easy work of feeding livestock and other tasks around the farm. The Fendt Cargo loader directly integrates into the tractor and allows customers to get the absolute most out of their Fendt tractor.

FendtONE allows operators to make the tractor their own 

The nearly limitless customization using the intuitive touch-screen operation and wide-ranging technology of the FendtONE system allows operators to fit these Fendt 700 tractors to their individual preferences.

Bright, easy-to-read LED touchscreen displays are at the heart of the FendtONE system. Operators will appreciate a 12-inch primary display located prominently on the armrest, the optional 12-inch pull-down display recessed into the roof liner and the new 10-inch “digital dashboard” mounted to the steering column. The 12-inch displays are linked and synchronized, providing data in unison and the ability to view up to 12 user-selected panels of information across the two displays. Navigation is as easy and intuitive as using a smartphone or tablet, thanks to a two-level menu that eliminates time wasted drilling down through multiple menus or screens.

Tractor, hitch and implement controls are now centrally located on the armrest – either on the new multi-function joystick or integrated into the armrest itself. There’s no need for operators to divert their attention while driving or performing a critical task to stretch for a knob on the corner post or twist around to access a hydraulic lever on a side console.

Push-button controls are color-matched to various functions, which appear on the tractor’s display using the same color-coding. Operators quickly learn to associate the colors with specific tasks and functions, so they perform jobs more efficiently, more accurately and with less chance for error. And, for the first time, there are 11 “assignable” buttons that can be programmed to control tractor or implement functions based on the operator’s preferences. All buttons and controls will be lit by colored LED lights that match the function the button controls. Green LED lighting indicates the button’s function is on. Unassigned buttons will neither be lit nor have an icon.

The FendtONE system is activated through the launch pad, which functions like the home button on a smartphone, giving the operator quick access to digital displays for all machine functions including guidance, hydraulics, service/diagnostics and more. The launch pad also includes controls for the air conditioning, the in-cab entertainment and communication system, as well as the side mirror adjustments. The entertainment system offers 2 choices in speaker systems, 8 strategically placed microphones and connections for external audio sources.

Profi and ProfiPlus deliver smart farming technologies 

The Fendt 700 Gen6 Series offers 2 options for precision farming and connectivity: Profi and ProfiPlus. Profi models are available with Fendt Connect, a telemetry package with 3-year subscription standard. Fendt Connect links the machine to a home office, smartphone or tablet via a mobile network. It provides location, machine and other valuable operating information helpful to fleet equipment managers.

The ProfiPlus level includes the Fendt Connect package, plus the guidance-ready Fendt Guide package with the choice of either Trimble (AG-382) or NovAtel (SMART7) receivers. In addition, ProfiPlus models come with Fendt TaskDoc, which automates crop production documentation. The ProfiPlus level paves the way for other productive options, such as variable-rate control for up to 5 products and section control of up to 36 sections.

Fendt features trim operating costs 

All 700 Series Gen 6 models are equipped with the proven Fendt Vario continuously variable transmission (CVT), the original stepless transmission pioneered and introduced by Fendt in 1995. The Vario transmission delivers smooth, precise speed control from 65 ft./hr. (20 m/hr.)  to 31 mph (50 kph), allowing an operator to precisely match speed required to the task at hand, whether it’s the creeper speed required for digging potatoes or the high speed needed for towing slurry or silage wagons. 

Each Fendt 700 Gen 6 Series tractor is powered by a DEUTZ 6.06L, 6-cylinder, Tier 4-compliant diesel engine. Turbocharged and intercooled, this proven, reliable, 4-valve high-torque power plant has a low-rated engine speed of 2,100 rpm, which improves fuel efficiency, reduces engine wear and helps minimize repairs. A highly efficient exhaust after-treatment system results in lower DEF consumption, reducing refills and further trimming costs.

A long list of other productive features can be found on the 700 Gen6 Series, including pneumatic cab suspension options for the VisioPlusTM cab, pneumatic braking and heavy-duty front 3-point hitch. A 51-gallon-per-minute hydraulic flow delivers responsive hydraulics and robust hitch-lift capacities. Up to 5 rear hydraulic remotes, 2 front remotes and a front 1,000-rpm PTO are able to handle multiple implements and jobs. These features make the 700 Gen6 Series tractors some of the most versatile and adaptable in their class.