During John Deere’s most recent earnings call for its second quarter 2021, participating Deere executives were asked to clarify the current status of the See & Spray product lineup. Specifically, the conversation led those presenting to discuss what they called the John Deere See & Spray Ultimate, Deere's green-on-green solution that is currently being tested.

President of Production and Precision Ag Cory Reed said the following:

"The first iteration of See & Spray is See & Spray Select," he says. "It is a green-on-brown solution. It's what we would call a solution for burn-down. So when you're going into the field, it only sprays weeds, won't spray on the bare ground and it's a tremendous advantage in the burn-down time. So the season we just came through relative to burning down before crop, it's a great advantage and in many cases, a small grain advantage, too. So that's the first iteration.

"We're also out with our pilot machines and test machines on the See & Spray Ultimate, which is the full AI, computer vision-enabled set of solutions that are in the pipeline and scheduled in limited production for next year."

Director of Investor Relations Josh Jepsen added clarification that the See & Spray Ultimate is a green-on-green solution for corn and soybeans.

When asked about the mention of the See & Spray Ultimate, John Deere gave the following response:

"John Deere has not officially debuted 'See & Spray Ultimate' that was mentioned on the Q2 2021 Earnings Call. As you may recall hearing during the March 2021 new product introduction, 'See & Spray Select' is the first product John Deere has brought to market in this product line. John Deere continues to innovate new technologies to bring to market to create more profitable & sustainable customers. There may be more to come, including 'See & Spray Ultimate' which was mentioned in the most recent earnings call."

John Deere declined to interview concerning the See & Spray Ultimate.

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