CALGARY, AB.— Vantage Canada is acquiring Trimble dealership rights and assets from Premier Equipment Ltd. in Ontario, according to an announcement on Oct. 1. This move completes the nationwide portfolio for the new Vantage Canada entity that will operate from the head office in Calgary offering specialized sales and services across the country.

"We've appreciated the opportunity to provide Trimble water management and specialty ag solutions to customers in the Ontario market for nearly 15 years," says Allan Dueck, Co-CEO of Premier Equipment Ltd. "Going forward, we are remaining focused on our John Deere portfolio of Precision Ag technology and trust that the transition of our Trimble portfolio of products and services to Vantage Canada will be beneficial for our traditional Trimble customers."

Customers will continue to have access to experts on the full suite of Trimble solutions to help make precision ag and water management technology work seamlessly across complex operations. The Vantage Canada team is skilled in all areas of precision agriculture and will continue to bring technical expertise, agronomy services, field data solutions, water management and support capabilities for farm and tile drainage operations.

"We are excited to acquire and extend our precision ag and water management expertise to farmers and tile drainage professionals in Ontario," said Jeff Bilow, General Manager of Vantage Canada. "We are committed to helping customers find the right technology solutions that best meet their needs and to provide a high level of support and training to help our customers realize the full benefit of their precision ag investments across the country."

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