Holland, MI., Oct. 26, 2021Volta Power Systems, a leading supplier of auxiliary advanced energy systems, partnered with specialty vehicle manufacturer Draxxon on their DX-816 fully-electric towable command center, the first of its kind in the industry. The DX-816 center allows organizations to integrate drones, or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), into other command and control systems when additional surveillance is necessary. The automotive-grade Volta system allows the entire mobile center to run up to 24 hours on a single system charge without the use of a generator or idling the towing vehicle.

The trailer boasts a long list of features suitable for any use, from tactical command to communication and more. The customizable setup offers both interior and exterior monitoring, as well as a fold-down rooftop flight station for UAS use on nearly any size trailer. The whole unit is equipped with climate control for comfort and LED lighting for reliable visibility, day or night.

“Our mobile command centers integrate the latest and greatest technology into one easy-to-use platform, no matter what industry you’re in,” said Tyler Ackerman, Director of Business Development at Draxxon. “Aside from being the first fully electric mobile command center, the Volta system takes our product to a whole new level of capability.”

The trailer’s 24,000 Wh Volta system recharges via a shore power connection, but unlike many technologies, it doesn’t require special charging infrastructure. The power pack can charge safely from a standard electrical wall outlet. Distributed through a 5,000W AC inverter, the system eliminates the need for a generator on-site, with enough stored energy to power the trailer without noise or emissions. With a conservative estimate of 6 hours of operation per work-day, the generator-free trailer is estimated to prevent over 10,000 pounds of CO2 emissions each year.

“When we designed our auxiliary power system, we wanted the flexibility to integrate it into nearly any mobile application,” said Jack Johnson, CTO of Volta Power Systems. “This is the first time our product has been integrated into a command center trailer like this, and knowing that it’s the first drone command unit in the industry to go fully electric is amazing. We’re excited to be a part of it.”

The DX-816 trailer is currently available for order, with more information on the trailer’s specifications on the Draxxon website.

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