Case IH has selected Água Boa, a region renowned for its high agricultural productivity, as the location for its Connected Farm project. The brand is the driving force behind the initiative to bring 4G infrastructure to the region and has provided financial investment, worked with telecommunications provider TIM Brazil, and forged links within the local community to bring the project to fruition.

This Connected Farm aims to demonstrate how rural connectivity increases in-field productivity, even in an already highly productive region. A 4G internet connection installed at the farm enables the entire operation and its machines to report data and be monitored by the new AFS (Case IH’s precision farming package) Connect Center, based at the Case IH Sorocaba Plant in the state of São Paulo.

Connectivity provides the farmer with a wealth of benefits including increased productivity, reduced water consumption, efficient logistics, machine uptime information, and more efficient inventory management. The financial benefits include an increased return on investment and optimization of overall and specific input costs.

“The Case IH Connected Farm brings together the most advanced technologies the brand has to offer,” said Parag Garg, Chief Digital Officer, CNH Industrial. “The new connected infrastructure and Case IH’s advanced machines demonstrate the benefits connectivity will bring to the area’s farmers.”

In addition to showcasing the Connected Farm project, the video contains interviews with members of the Água Boa community. These interviews give an insight into how the local population is keen to embrace new technologies in the workplace, schools and the public health sector, which are made more accessible by the new connectivity infrastructure.

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