AUBURN, Ind., June 8, 2022 — Traction, a comprehensive farm accounting solution, is now connected to the Climate FieldView platform, providing farmers the option to share field records from their FieldView account. With this new capability, Traction delivers accurate field profitability analysis and up-to-date inventory tracking for farmers across the U.S.

This new connection is unique to the industry due to the integration of Traction’s farm accounting software. As field records are created automatically from the FieldView platform, Traction can assign exact costs to products and equipment from actual accounting entries. This enables farmers to see their margin per bushel, immediate visibility of their product inventories and a clear picture of their overall profit on the farm.

"Reducing manual data entry and tying information back to your actual accounting numbers is our top priority," says Ian Harley, Traction’s CEO. "Other companies claim to have accurate field costing, but Traction is the only company to use actual financial data to drive field profitability analysis. We look forward to adding other integrations in the future that greatly enhance value for the farmer.”

“With every decision a farmer makes, profitability of those decisions is always top of mind,” says Marc Harris, Partner Engagement and Outreach for Climate LLC and Digital Farming at Bayer. “Easily collecting data with FieldView and connecting to a partner like Traction delivers value in a streamlined process when combining field level data insights and farm accounting."

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