Artificial intelligence (AI) systems with advanced sensors improve harvest quality and accuracy in agriculture. In this article, Analytics Insight lists its 10 most innovative AI companies impacting the agriculture industry in 2022. 

1. Cropin 

Cropin is a software as a service (SaaS) based ag-ecosystem intelligence provider. Its programs can monitor, analyze and increase biodiversity. With vegetables and legumes yields expected to drop 35% by 2100, increased use of fertilizers and chemicals impacting soil health and food safety, and up to 50% of food going to waste annually, Cropin aims to adjust various parts of food production to address climate change.

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2. Agribolo 

Agribolo's purpose is to boost the lives of farmers across India by sharing weather updates, recommending farm practices, and offering advice on soil health and nutrition, crop prices, seed variety and fertilizer use.

In addition, the company runs "Agri Mart" and "Agro Services," enabling farmers to buy, rent or sell agri-based products and services.

3. Blue River Technology 

Blue River Technology, the AI developer acquired by John Deere in 2017, enables environmental and economic sustainability. Blue River created the technology behind Deere's green-on-green See & Spray Ultimate smart sprayer

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4. Aibono 

Aibono's AI-powered precision farming solutions helps farmers use analytics, the Internet of Things and data science to improve yield. The company synchronizes cropping matrix and predictive harvesting using retailer consumption data. The method reduces the likelihood of produce spoiling and enables farmers to get higher profits with less waste. 

5. Raven Industries 

Raven Industries is a longtime precision agriculture player acquired by CNH Industrial in 2021. Notably, Raven's OMNiPOWER is an autonomous platform that interchanges with farm implements. Its OMNiDRIVE automates grain cart operation to allow one operator in a combine to control a grain cart following alongside the combine.

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6. Hortau

For 20 years, Hortau's patented irrigation management system has been a tool to keep plants healthy and efficiently use inputs. Tracking soil tension (amount of water available to plants) has helped farmers prepare for plant stress and irrigate to prevent damage. With this system, crop growth is more likely and decreases water usage, energy consumption and environmental impact. 

7. Iron Ox

Iron Ox's facilities use robotics and artificial intelligence to provide plants with the exact amount of sun, water and nutrients needed. The company's approach to precision farming uses less water, energy and CO2, while improving food quality. 

8. FarmWise

The autonomous FarmWise robot mechanically removes individual weeds with sub-inch precision. Leveraging a fleet of automated weeders, the company has been operating as a custom service provider to large vegetable farms across California and Arizona for 3 commercial seasons. 

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9. SkySquirrel Technologies 

Focusing on improving crop yields and preventing crop yields, SkySquirrel's drone imaging technology is designed to monitor the health of high-value crops. The company uses a drone system, specialized camera equipment and imaging processing to provide crop information.  

10. Trace Genomics

Trace Genomics uses metagenomics, the study of the structure and function of microbes, sequencing to create a chemical and biological analysis of soil. Agronomic customers can improve management by learning why soil microbes are the cause for nutrient cycling functions and soil pathogens. 

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