Precision dealers looking to add a sales agronomist to their staff should expect to pay an annual salary of around $60,000, according to the Scoop's 2022 Salary Survey. 

The average base salary for an entry-level sales agronomist is $60,448, up nearly $12,000 from 2021, according to survey data.

Of the employers surveyed, 95% agreed that more experience equates to a higher salary for entry level sales agronomists and 65% said more education leads to higher salary expectations as well. The top salary for a sales agronomist was $95,623, among those surveyed.

The survey received 125 responses, with the majority coming from companies in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Indiana.

"For sales agronomists, the top two ways to increase overall salary were meeting bonus goals and increasing duties or responsibilities," The Scoop's survey analyst says. "Over the past 3 years, the benefits offered to employees have increased or been flat in all categories."

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