Montana and Wyoming farmers can benefit from this alliance and have the opportunity to optimize their input applications by using Augmenta Mantis. The revolutionary VRA control device offers automation to a range of in-season inputs such as Live VRA for Nitrogen, Fungicide, Harvest Aids (Desiccants and Defoliants), and Plant Growth Regulators or fertilizer applications in different zones (Multizone) for various Montana crops such as cereal, pulses, and oil seeds.

Torgerson's customers now have the opportunity to reduce input costs, and chemical loads, and maximize yield potential. Users of Augmenta's Solution in these crops have noticed an increase in their savings of input usage up to 20% on average while maintaining or even increasing their yield.

"This new technology partnership gives our customer base a huge advantage by providing a new path towards crop protection and time savings, soil fertility optimization, all while being more eco-friendly," said Jed Bengtson, Sales and Marketing Director for Torgerson's.

"We are delighted to have partnered with Torgerson's LLC. Through this collaboration, we enable Montana and Wyoming farmers to automate applications and save inputs more easily than ever before," said Jim Evangelopoulos, Augmenta Co-founder and General Manager.

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