Precision Farming Dealer recently toured Sabanto's Ames, Iowa office as part of the Day in the Cab series. Go behind the scenes with Cory Spaetti in the videos below, as the VP of Product gives an all-access look at how the young company is bringing its autonomy system to the marketplace. 

Autonomy in Action: From the Phone to the Field: Cory Spaetti takes us through the steps of operating an autonomous tractor, and shares perspective on how the process frees up the operator to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. 

Mapping Out the Customer's Journey: As they prepare to commercialize their product, the team at Sabanto maps out the customer's journey with multi-colored post-it notes on a white board.

Building a Mission Plan: Cory Spaetti pulls up the mission control site on his computer and shows how an operator can control their autonomous tractors with the click of a mouse. 

My Journey in Precision Agriculture: Cory Spaetti talks about his journey from corn and soybean farmer to VP of Product for Sabanto. He reflects on the challenges along the way and how his previous experiences prepared him for his managerial position today. 

The Positives & Negatives of Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS): Cory Spaetti explains why the company is looking to pivot from the FaaS business model. 

Inside Look at the Sabanto Autonomy System: Cory Spaetti covers the nuts and bolts of the Sabanto autonomy system and shows what differentiates it from other products on the market.