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GBGI Inc. was created way back in 1993, and ever since, this family owned and operated company has been manufacturing the highest quality of hubs and spindles for agricultural companies.

Who’s Leading the Autonomy Race?

Peter Hill attempts to answer the above question in this article from Farmers Weekly. He breaks down where the following companies stand in the development of autonomous tractors: AgXeed AgBot, Agrointelli Robotti, CNH, Combined Powers, FarmDroid, Horsch, John Deere, Kubota and Raven.


Photo by: Robotti

Survey Shows More Farmers Embracing Harvest Autonomy

65% of harvest corn operators in the U.S. and Canada are interested in autonomous technology, according to a 2022 survey conducted by Raven and Forward Group. Of that group, 47% are aiming to adopt the technology by 2025.

Harvest Autonomy video

Drones Take Flight for Cover Croppers

New drone technology was on display at the Cedar Creek Farmers Fall Field Day in Wisconsin. Jeramy Williams, owner of American Drone, applied cover crop seed with a drone going 16 MPH across a soybean field.

How Technology Forever Changed Equipment Sales & Service

In this blog written by Brian R. Carpenter, General Manager, Champlain Valley Equipment, Middlebury VT. he writes, "The most significant impact of this time has been technology. Today, our customers shop used pieces with dealers across the country due to the world wide web. Our customers can multi-task while planting or harvesting due to auto-guidance and other precision technology proliferation. The cell phone has made us accessible nearly 24/7. And everyone has access to more information than they can process."

Brian Carpenter

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Dealerships

The AGvisorPRO team recently hosted a webinar to discuss their new visorPRO product which aims to use AI-powered technology to enhance customer technical service and support. AGVisorPRO CEO Rob Saik and a panel of experts discuss in detail how AI is poised to solve critical problems at dealerships.

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by GBGI Inc.

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