Raven Industries is continuing the expansion of its guidance and steering portfolio for mixed-fleet operations. At Agritechnica 2023, the brand will showcase the new Raven CRx+ Guidance Kit, a scalable and customizable combination of its guidance receivers, latest steering innovations and newly enhanced in-cab displays. In addition, Raven will showcase its latest automation solutions at its interactive Agritechnica booth.

The new Raven CRx+ Guidance Kit boosts Raven's fundamental core precision tech stack with enhanced components, providing a high-performance and cost-competitive solution that suits any task. Users of Raven CRx+ Guidance Kit will experience reduced overlaps and skips and enhanced crop uniformity and soil conservation, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

The updated kit boosts Raven's fundamental core precision tech stack with enhanced components that will be delivered in 2024. To assemble their Raven CRx+ Guidance Kit, users are expected to choose one receiver (RS1, 500S) and one display (CR7, CR12, or the new CR7+ or CR12+), completing the kit with the newly released DirecSteer electric auto-guidance unit. The kit features three new products:

  • CR7+, Raven's next-generation display with improved speed and responsiveness
  • CR12+, Raven's updated 12-inch in-cab display with updated hardware and simplified user experience
  • DirecSteer, Raven's simple, silent, and powerful electric smart motor autosteer solution

Both new CRx+ displays feature a redesigned CRx operating system with easy widget layouts and field planning.

In addition, future aftermarket portfolio developments will feature GNSS correction enhancements. Updated SSR (State Space Representation) corrections will give farmers real RTK accuracy via both cellular network and satellite. Raven is currently developing a new GNSS receiver, the 900S, which will support these new SSR correction services with the ability to choose between satellite and cellular connection. The 900S will be another option that can be added to the Raven CRx+ Guidance Kit. Exact release date will be confirmed in a future announcement.

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