Syngenta and CNH Industrial, parent of major farm equipment brands Case IH and New Holland, announced the integration of Syngenta’s digital Cropwise platform with the agricultural brands of CNH. The two partners announced their collaboration at Agritechnica 2023 in Hannover, Germany.

The integration of Cropwise with CNH farm equipment and the connection of different precision agricultural systems is key to simplifying the decision-making process of farmers and advisors, creating reliable and connected data sources that generate stronger insights for their businesses. Besides CNH, Cropwise has also implemented integrations with John Deere and Ag Leader. The integration with Farmobile in the US is also planned.

“Technology plays an increasingly crucial role to help farmers make better data driven decisions and comply with complex regulatory standards," said Matthew Pickard, Global Head of Digital Agriculture Products for Syngenta. "This is possible only when we have seamless and open connectivity between systems. We are delighted to join forces with CNH in order to improve the agronomic data flow for our customers between their machinery and digital decision-making tools.”

“This connection is meeting a very high demand since so many farmers around the world are both Syngenta customers and owners of Case IH and New Holland machines," said Dan Danford, Precision Technology Partner Manager for CNH. "Our customers rely on a variety of partners for the most efficient productivity, so our aim is to make it easy for them to share the valuable data they create with valued partners like Syngenta.”

For the last couple of years, farmers across Europe have been increasing adoption of digital farming tools such as precision machinery for cultivating, planting and spraying, field data collection using satellites, drones and weather stations to make more accurate agronomy decisions and prioritize resources. In many cases this leads to equal or higher quality and yield with less use of inputs.

Encouragement towards eco-schemes and adoption of greener practices is also a big theme in Europe, through policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), tying a portion of farm subsidies to environmental initiatives, which will be smoother to adopt if done precisely and with the benefit of denser field data.

Many governments are already implementing a more data driven approach. In Spain for instance, farmers will be asked to provide Crop Protection production information using a digital document package called a Fieldbook, containing specific data on field history, crop planting, use of fertilizer and crop protection and so on. Syngenta has introduced the Fieldbook feature in Cropwise Protector to assist farmers and distributors in meeting these requirements. The digital solution not only streamlines ministry-required information completion but also ensures compliance by reducing the chances of errors and helping users make and justify decisions for Crop Protection applications.

Today, the Cropwise platform and its solutions are present in more than 25 countries and has over 40,000 users around the globe. Close to 230 million acres are digitally monitored by Syngenta’s digital solutions.

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