AMAZONE and FieldView, Bayer's leading platform for digital agriculture, are starting a strategic collaboration with the aim of further promoting and simplifying the adaptation of smart farming practices.

This collaboration aims to improve connectivity and create a link between FieldView's advanced digital tools and AMAZONE's precision machinery. Farmers will benefit from easy digital capture of all agronomically relevant parameters, marking an important milestone in the digital transformation of agriculture.

One of the main objectives of FieldView is to provide farmers deeper and more objective insights into the performance of their crops and fields. Therefore, the collaboration with AMAZONE aims to ensure seamless integration and communication between AMAZONE machines and the FieldView Drive. Basic compatibility with AMAZONE crop protection sprayers and fertilizer spreaders was already in place in the past. Together the companies worked on improving the documentation for variable fertilizer rates on the basis of application maps. This way, if provided, AMAZONE fertilizer spreaders can apply a different application rate on the left and right side when processing application maps. In FieldView the recording with double precision is now also possible thanks to the co-operation with AMAZONE.

Most recently, both partners dealt with AMAZONE's seed drill technology. In particular, machines that can simultaneously apply seed, fertilizer and other inputs from different tanks. In one of the next FieldView Cab App versions, the newly created compatibility for AMAZONE seed drills will be made available to all customers. This further development will enable FieldView to fully capture all products applied during seeding and use them as a basis for insight and analysis.

Christine Brunel-Ligneau, Digital Farming Solutions EMEA, comments: "It is an exciting and pivotal time for innovation in agriculture. We are rising to the challenges and at Bayer we are focused on providing farmers with holistic solutions based on scientific knowledge. To meet the needs of our customers, we work closely with leading industry partners to enable data collection and sharing between diverse platforms. We are passionate about helping our farmers use modern tools and skills to help their crops, rural areas and the environment thrive."

Cab App - Application with differentiated rates left-rightAmaTron 4 - Application with differentiated rates left-rightFieldView Cab App visualizing rate per side (above) as applied by the Amazone ZA-TS and shown on the AmaTron4 (below)

In the future, FieldView farmers will benefit even more from AMAZONE's technical expertise, with both partners intending to capture additional data layers, in addition to increasing precision and quality of the data collected. For example, captured weather data from AMAZONE machines would allow to make better decisions immediately during field work, or afterwards when assessing the quality of work.


WindControl Data in FieldView Cab App

Amazone ZG-TS equipped with WindControl (above) and FieldView Cab App visualising the data captured from the sensor (below)

Gregor Bensmann, Product Manager Smart Farming, is convinced: "... the provision of further objective, machine-generated data layers will increasingly be the basis for decisions of agricultural businesses. The compatibility between our machines and systems such as FieldView enables our customers, through simplified access to the data, to identify additional optimization potential in their operations and adapt processes accordingly. Access to further sensor data from our innovative AMAZONE machines thus contributes even more to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of agriculture. What's more, the data already underpins the enormous progress that have been made thanks to precision agriculture."

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