Sabanto, Inc. announces John Deere 5100E tractor compatibility for Steward™, a technology platform that transforms tractors to work autonomously.

Automating field operations promises to be a major development in addressing the labor problems throughout the industry, as it allows for continuous tractor operations while freeing up staff to perform other critical work on the farm. Automation will allow the industry to continue moving forward by doing more with less labor.

“Today’s release of the John Deere 5100E aftermarket autonomous system operating within the Steward™ platform exemplifies Sabanto’s mission to deploy autonomy agnostically,” said Craig Rupp, CEO and founder of Sabanto. “We believe your next-generation tractor is already sitting in your machine shed. We’ve created an autonomy platform that can be easily installed on a farmer’s existing tractor, allowing them to maximize the value of their current capital.”

Sabanto Steward™ now supports a total of three platforms: the John Deere 5100E, the Fendt 700 Vario and the Kubota M5, with more platforms to be added in the coming year.

“Autonomy just really changes the process of how we’re able to farm,” said Brandon Chambley of Super-Sod in Cartersville, Georgia. “In this business, there’s plenty of unknowns that are always going to be out there. But the one thing that we established very quickly, as far as being comfortable with Steward™, is that you have that resource every single day. It eliminates the stress that happens when two new employees that you just hired don’t show up and now everyone has to scramble to do the work that has to be done.”

Sabanto has proven, through extensive field testing, its ability to automate a variety of field operations over significant acres. Leveraging a fleet of tractors, the company has autonomously tilled, planted, seeded, weeded, sprayed and mowed across Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California. The company’s Steward™ autonomy platform has been pivotal in deploying multiple systems for multiple days of non-stop operation.

Sabanto has built and continues to expand a network of dealer partners who have all been working in the precision ag solution space for decades.

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