Trimax Mowing Systems and Sabanto have announced their cooperation in the development of an automation solution for turf farming. This collaboration focuses on creating a monitoring and control system that is developed by Trimax mowers to integrate seamlessly with Sabanto’s autonomous tractor system.

The initiative is set to revolutionize turf management by providing farmers with unparalleled efficiency, safety, and control over their mowing operations when utilizing the Sabanto system. Trimax is leveraging its expertise to develop a system that not only monitors mower performance but also ensures operational safety through advanced fault detection and autonomous control of its mowers.

“Trimax values the versatility that tractors bring to turf farming, and our integration with Sabanto’s platform embodies this. It’s a blend of traditional reliability and advanced automation, offering turf farmers the optimal mix of technology and practicality for enhanced efficiency and productivity” says Michael Sievwright from Trimax.

The release timing of this system is yet to be confirmed. The system intends to be retrofittable to the latest generation Trimax mowers.

”Sabanto is excited to work alongside Trimax on this project,” says Craig Rupp from Sabanto. “Our combined efforts are set to provide the turf farming industry with an integrated approach to automation that promises to set new benchmarks for operational efficiency and safety.”

Details on the development progress and availability of this integrated mowing solution will be announced as they become available.

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