Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision farming equipment and software, continues to expand the ISOBUS capabilities of the Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays with the addition of Task Controller for planters.

ISOBUS provides a universal standard for communication between tractors and implements allowing for plug and play compatibility within the operation's fleet - regardless of equipment color.

ISOBUS Task Controller enhances the communication capabilities between the tractor and ISOBUS-compatible planter by enabling swath control, prescription rate control and as-applied mapping. These features use a GPS signal to determine the planter’s location in the field and automatically turn the rows off when entering already applied areas and end-rows. When exiting these areas, the rows will automatically turn on, resulting in substantial cost savings on seed as well as increased yield.

“With many of our customers operating with a mixed fleet, the ISOBUS Task Controller allows them to hook multiple colors of equipment together and have full control of planting operations through the Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays,” says Brett Buehler, Product Specialist.  “We are continually adding new features and compatibility to our displays to provide our customers with the tools to achieve optimal planting results,” he adds.

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