I recently had the chance to talk with Bluewhite CEO and founder Ben Alfi from Israel. The Robots-as-a-Service company, currently with John Deere and New Holland dealers on the West Coast, makes autonomy retrofit kits that are being used on over 300,000 acres in California and Washington.

Alfi says autonomy is not a dream anymore. It’s a reality and it’s not only saving people money and time, but it’s also doing something that he says doesn’t get talked about enough — it’s keeping people healthier.   

“There is no reason for people to be near tractors running and spreading chemicals and the only reason there is no regulation about it is because there wasn't any other option. Now, we have options, so it will happen, and it should happen. Both of us have been in airplanes where people smoked inside and today, we think, "Oh, how the hell did that happen?" This is the only thing that I think that will happen much faster and we, at the ecosystem, should push everybody to transform as fast as possible because we need to have a healthier life, all of us.”

Alfi shared a lot of interesting perspective on the future of autonomy and precision technology. Catch the full conversation at PrecisionFarmingDealer.com.