December 31, 2013 — It's that time of year again to take a look back and reflect on some of the major news stories from the past year. To join those who are compiling the 'best' and 'worst' of the year lists, the editors at Precision Farming Dealer compiled this list of the items that generated the greatest interest from visitors to

Here are the top items from the last year in terms of page views:

1. Video Exclusive: Data Management: Key to the Future of Precision Farming

2. What Farmers Want From You: Crossing Colors Takes an Independent Approach

3. From the Virtual Terminal: Preparing for the Drone Invasion

4. Technology: Drones Could Change Face of No-Tilling

5. From the Virtual Terminal: A Cloudy Future for Precision?

6. In the Field: Dealers Dial Into Precision Service Fees

7. From the Virtual Terminal: Moving the Conversation Beyond the Metal

8. Featured Product: Agtron Wireless ART Air Seeder Rate and Blockage Monitor

9. In The Field: Don't Kink the Precision Chain of Command

10. From the Virtual Terminal: The Solo Side of Precision

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