iCropTrak Mobile Farm Management recently announced that it now supports Agsense's WagNet network for pivot irrigation and soil sensor monitoring. iCroptrak integrates the WagNet water and soil sensor data with farming data to help farmers make better decisions and monitoring irrigation efforts painless.

With water restrictions and sustainable farming playing an ever-growing role in farming, iCropTrak integrated one of the leading irrigation monitoring applications to automatically populate irrigation efforts and allows them to be reviewed easily with your other field data.

iCropTrak cloud talks directly with WagNet network to capture a farmer’s pivot and soil moisture sensor probe data.  Formatting the WagNet data to be loaded onto the iCropTrak mobile platform for access while in the field.  Allowing the farmer to combine soil, farming, harvest, weather, zone, and irrigation data together to make informed decision.

To learn more about iCropTrak mobile farm management capabilities including automated data entry support for MyJohnDeere.com and Weather Underground data feeds by visiting our website at www.iCropTrak.com and contact our sales team at Contact@Cogent3D.com

To learn more about WagNet by AgSense visit: www.agsense.net