Central City Scale has announced the unveiling of their new Grain Cart Scale App-based wireless system that connects mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to grain cart weigh load bars.

All in-range mobile devices with the CCS App shows, in real time, indicator displays to everyone working with your harvest operation from Combine operator, tractor-grain cart operator, truck driver and farm manager. The system uses a patent pending Agrimatics Libra Bluetooth transmitter that installs on the grain cart and wires to the junction box connected to the weigh-bars. An in-tractor tablet or smartphone communicates wirelessly with the grain cart to become the scale indicator. Cloud-connectivity unifies the system across your entire operation.

Crop-flow transactions can be emailed or optionally stored securely in the cloud for access wherever you are. Wireless and battery operated means that it's simple to install. Power-efficient design allows getting through a season without replacing the battery. Rugged design handles extreme temperature, vibration, mud, sun, rain and snow. Built rugged to withstand extreme temperature and high vibration which is the norm for farm field environments. Now you can manage your records on and off the field without any log books, flash drives or printers, making farm management a little easier. 

For more information contact Central City Scale 800-582-3175 or visit www.ccagscales.com.