Intuicom Inc. has announced the release of the newest addition to their line of RTK Bridge solutions, the Intuicom RTK Bridge-X.


Along with providing the most reliable access to RTK corrections in the industry, the RTK Bridge-X features a WiFi interface. Users can connect other WiFi devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and access the Internet via the RTK Bridge-X’s cellular connection. Also new with the RTK Bridge-X is cable-free configuration. Configuration can now be easily accomplished through a wireless connection using any Web browser.

Users may then access email, send files, and perform other Internet-based tasks using the connection provided by the RTK Bridge-X.

With new Remote Access, the RTK Bridge-X can be reached over the Internet from anywhere.

Other improvements include a real-time cellular signal strength indicator on the re-designed front panel, as well as an Ethernet port that can be used for configuration or Internet connectivity. A numerical LED display now shows which of the four configurable profiles is active as well as which radio channel is selected. Bluetooth connections are also supported.

Like all Intuicom Bridge Products, The RTK Bridge-X is designed for easy setup and operation and is compatible with all major cellular carriers and equipment manufacturers.