AgWorks LLC has announced a partnership with Willard Agri-Service through its Ag Venture subsidiary to team up to deliver decision support services to growers. Willard Agri-Service has invested over 18 years developing a decision support system that creates real value for both the grower and retailer through their award winning HighQ product. This product has been utilized on over 5 million acres and is a key tool in helping retailers realize the value of their data, and assist growers in making more profitable decisions.

HighQ harnesses the power of technology to provide growers with actionable information that enables them to make more profitable, environmentally sound decisions. By maximizing yields and generating the profits growers need to remain successful, HighQ helps ensure that agricultural land stays agricultural land. The HighQ DSS (Decision Support System) provides the grower with a tool to analyze numerous decisions they made during the growing season and how these variables affect profit per acre. It also provides a powerful community based benchmarking tool for a grower to anonymously compare their operation to similar operations in their area.

AgWorks LLC has been building ag retail software tools for over 20 years and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of The McGregor Company. AgWorks currently has retail customers in 27 states and has been focused on building tools that are the “core” of a retailer’s day to day operations.

AgWorks has acquired the HighQ software and will be incorporating the functionality of HighQ into AgWorks’ totally redesigned AgOS software system. This system includes real-time inventory, agronomy operations, integrated precision, crop-season planning, fertilizer blending, logistics management, and now grower decision support tools all in a single software solution. This system also has integration points to most popular ag retail accounting systems.  Ag Venture will continue as AgWorks’ exclusive distributer of HighQ in Maryland and five surrounding states.