The Climate Corporation today announced Climate Pro subscription advisory services for corn will be offered at an introductory price of three dollars an acre for 2015. The company also is creating a higher value premium product that integrates additional services beyond what’s available in Climate Pro today.

“We’re being aggressive in making this new technology service broadly available because we intend to be the operating system of choice for farmers, incorporating hardware, software and services in an integrated platform that helps them improve yields and use resources more efficiently,” said David Friedberg, CEO of The Climate Corporation. “This price point makes the service significantly more accessible for farmers.”

The Climate Technology Platform offers a suite of services harnessing the power of unique measurement capabilities, advanced data science, and an easily accessible user interface to provide online and mobile services at three different price points for farmers. Climate BasicTM is a free service offering that helps farmers optimize their daily decision making with field-level insights. Climate Pro is a subscription service that delivers valuable recommendations for farmers, such as the optimal timing and amount of nitrogen applications by field, and the best time to harvest their crop. The company’s new premium service will include additional higher value offerings. Each of these advisory services is offered through retailers with local expertise that can help farmers get the most value from these tools.

Brent Sharff, who farms in the Oelwein, Iowa area, has been impressed with the platform’s ease of use and the value it provides. “Using Climate Pro’s Advisors as they have been introduced has allowed us to work smarter, and I am looking forward to how this technology will help increase my yield,” said Sharff.

The Climate Corporation and Precision Planting, now operating as one unified organization, are also working to bring together precision equipment and software services into an integrated system.

“The power of this platform emerges from the integration of a farmer’s data with our unique measurement and data science capabilities to help deliver recommendations that can be seamlessly executed in the field,” said Friedberg. “Our unique measurement capabilities are further enhanced with our recent acquisition of Solum’s soil testing services and our ability to drive prescriptions back to the cab with the addition of the FieldScripts product team into the combined organization. This is an exciting platform that we believe can fundamentally transform agriculture.”

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